Ibérica Coast to Coast

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Each stage of IBERICA CTC ride covers an average of 160 Km per day.

Each stage of PIRINEO CTC ride averages 130 Kms per day, due to mountainous terrain.

IBERICA Coast to Coast is a ride, not a race, meaning a bicycle ride among friends. That doesn’t mean the we always ride slow or at race pace. Cycling can be enjoyable going at full speed or riding slowly chatting with fellow cyclists.

Every rider will have a detailed route sheet that allows them to choose whether to ride alone or in a small group. The support crew is there to assist you to have the best bicycling vacation. No matter your speed, rest stops will be available to all riders.

No, this trip includes luggage transfer so you can ride without extra weight on your bicycle.

Typically, there will be three rest stops per day. The second will be more plentiful and will be at lunch time. The food will be suitable for riding and let us know if you have any suggestions.

You are responsible to get to the start of the ride. However, the first 8 riders that request a transfer from and to Madrid or Milan, will be transported by IBERICA CTC vehicles for an extra 75 €.

Since all our hotel stays are only for one night, they can not wash our clothes. Occasionally, on rainy days, we can arrange for them to wash our clothes, but normally the rider is in charge of doing their laundry.

Of course not! It is your holiday and you will be welcome to ride at your own pace and stop whenever you feel like to do extra sightseeing.