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Custom trips

If your friends, family or cycling buddies are four or more...And you think that the best way to see the world is from the seat of a bicycle... And the dates of our trips don’t fit your schedule or you want to visit areas that IBERICA CTC still doesn’t go to…


Then, IBERICA CTC can design the best holiday for you in your favorite area of the Iberian Peninsula. Our custom trips will satisfy any cyclist, it doesn’t matter your cycling experience, daily mileage or even is the level between the members of the group varies. IBERICA CTC will put all its experience and knowledge of the area to use designing a trip that will fit all the members of the group.

Steps to arrange a custom trip:

- Tell us about you, what the group is like and what your expectations are filling up our form below.
- We’ll start working and in less than two weeks, we will send you a tentative itinerary with rides, activities and a budget for it.
- Over that itinerary you will be welcome to bring your suggestions, so working together we can achieve the best value for your vacation on wheels that will fit your preferences and cycling level.
- Once the design of the trip is finished, we require you to make a deposit to make the reservation for that date with IBERICA CTC.

- After the total payment of the trip, 45 days before the trip starts, we will be ready to HIT THE ROAD.

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