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About us

Javier Castellano

Iberica CTC founder and director. Sociologist and Massage therapist. He started riding when he was a child around the neighbourhood and has not stopped even since. Just, "the neighbourhood" has gotten bigger. He has ridden in all five continents and has ridden across the USA and Australia.

He was the first Spaniard to crew in the Race Across America and one of the pioneers racing triathlons in Spain.

He has professionally designed and guided cycling and walking tours since 1995. He has a lot of stories to tell but he only would if he is riding his bike and is very tired.


Fernando Godino

Cyclist and cooking teacher, he has been able to combine both knowledges to prepare the best on route meals on our trips. Our meals are substancious and tasty, but light enough to ride more miles in the afternoon. Boring energy bars and gels will not longer be in your diet if you try Fernando´s cooking suggestions.

When he is not on a Iberica CTC trip, he can be found doing Ironman or Ultraman triathlons, or simply travelling with his loaded bike through Europe.


Javi Sanchez Rey

Sociologist, cyclist, rock climber and geologist, Javi is a Renaissance man. He is an experience traveller, chef, software designer, etc. From all those talents, his cooking skills are remembered the most from our cyclists on tours.

When we approach some spectacular mountains, he knows how they were formed and when. It is probably the thing you want to learn about once you climb a super steep road.



Guille Castellano

When he comes with us on tours, he enjoys cycling as much as the rest of us, and bring us the enthusiasm for travelling and learning about our destinations.

He studies and plays the piano, hoping one day he would be able to give us a concert on top of Tourmalet Pass.